Horse owners and veterinarians are invited to submit ticks collected from horses. Download the submission form and submit it with your tick so we can report our findings back to you!

Steps to follow when you find a tick on a horse:

1.     Remove the tick by grasping the mouthparts as closely to the skin as possible (using the forceps provided in the kit) and gently pull the tick out by lifting it. Do not use bare hands to remove the tick.

2.     Place the tick in sealable plastic container. If there is more than one tick on the animal, then multiple ticks can be placed in the same container. Ticks from only one animal should be placed in the same container.

3.     Place the plastic container into a ziplock bag. 

4.     Complete the submission form. Identification information on each submitted tick will be sent back to you based on the information provided in the submission form, so please be complete and write clearly. The tick identification information will be sent back to you by e-mail, so please put a preferred e-mail address on the form. 

5.     Place the submission form with the container of ticks in the ziplock bag.

6.     Place the sealed ziplock into a secure mailer and ship to:

National Equine Tick Survey
1800 Denison Ave.
Trotter 202
Manhattan, KS 66506


If you have ticks from dogs or cats, you can submit them to our collaborators at!