Tick and tick-borne disease surveillance is a multi-group effort! We want to highlight some of the other hard-working research teams that are collecting ticks from animals. Visit their sites for more information on how you can help out their research projects as well!


Show Us Your Ticks!

  • This research team is collecting ticks from DOGS and CATS! If you’d like to participate, visit their site to see their submission guidelines. NO ticks from humans, please!

  • https://www.showusyourticks.org/

Pets and Ticks

  • There are many regulations about shipping ticks across national borders, and so our research program cannot accept any foreign ticks, including from Canada. The good news is there is already a great research team collecting ticks from CATS, DOGS, HORSES, and other animals (NO ticks from humans, please!). If you live in Canada, this will be the best resource for you to learn more about ticks and tick-borne diseases in your area or submit a tick you have found on your pet!

  • https://www.petsandticks.com/

If you know of any other research groups doing citizen-science, tick surveillance research, let us know at EQticks@vet.k-state.edu!